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Guaranteed Comfort Air Conditioning and Heating



Are all Air Conditioning and Heating Companies Alike?


Can you get the same heating and cooling system for less money somewhere else?  Absolutely not!  It’s impossible to get the same HVAC products and services anywhere at any price!

Here's why. There are four things only Guaranteed Comfort can provide:

  • Our company with its high morals and integrity,
  • Our exclusive installation procedures and systems which ensure a job “Done Right”,
  • Our comfort systems which are custom designed for each home,
  • Me, Butch Conway, President of Guaranteed Comfort.   I will guarantee the Design and Operation of your new system.

Our Company

Purchasing comfort is an infrequent, somewhat intangible, highly technical investment. You can rest assured our company’s technical expertise will meet your expectations. Why spend your time to become an expert on buying comfort? We have an expert you can trust.

That’s where our people come into play.  I personally place Trust in all our people.  In order to protect you and your home I make sure our people are "more than safe to hire.”

  • "For your peace of mind, we do drug testing and criminal background checks."
  • "Everyone entering your home will wear uniforms and identification badges."
  • "For your protection, everyone is covered by our liability insurance and worker's compensation."

Furthermore, the expertise that our company brings to you, our client, differentiates Guaranteed Comfort from the competition.

  • "We pride ourselves on Old World craftsmanship and modern know-how."
  • "Our people are constantly training to be the best of the best — they have the tools, equipment, and training to ensure the best job possible."

A final company differentiator is our integrity. Socrates said, "You'll never know a line is crooked unless you place a straight line next to it."

  • "Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed."
  • "Our word is our bond; there will not be any extras or hidden costs."
  • "After the installation, we’ll ask you to rate our work and your experience. Our goal is your complete satisfaction."

Our Installation

Our expertise is prized by our existing clients.

You will get the Best job possible.  

  • "According to a study conducted by the North Carolina Alternative Energy Corp., as few as one job in 10 is installed correctly. We not only guarantee you'll be in the top 10% — you'll get the best job possible.”
  • "When your installation is completed, we'll do an in-depth quality control inspection to ensure the best job possible.”

Customized design

"We assume our competitors' products have basically the same technology, price, performance, and features.  Design is the only thing that differentiates our products from theirs."

  • "Based on your concerns and desires, we will customize a design to meet your needs for years to come."

Top-quality materials

 "The little things are infinitely the most important."

  • “Besides the equipment, there are hundreds of parts and pieces that go into your comfort system. Each item has at least three levels of quality — good, better, and best. To ensure the best job possible, we only use the best!”



Unique packages

 Problems aren’t solved by equipment alone. Packaging services and systems in unique ways differentiates our company from competitors.

  • "Because even temperature is a top priority, you'll receive our exclusive "Even Air-flow Package."

Meet or exceed all standards

 Shortcuts and “corner-cutting” usually result in inferior quality and customer dissatisfaction.

  • "Codes, rules, and laws are only our minimum standard. We answer to a higher authority, you!"
  • "We will protect your facility, furnishing, and occupants. We will clean to your satisfaction before leaving."

Our Comfort System

Most contractors in the HVAC industry sell heating and cooling equipment for buildings. We design and promote comfort services:

VAF experts

 Variable air flow is the key to comfort.

  • "Longer, slower fan operation provides even temperature, precise moisture control, and enhanced air filtration. — You'll receive a new level of comfort most people never dreamed possible."


  • "The right accessories provide added benefits you need. — Unfortunately, most contractors don't have access to all the same accessories we offer."

Our exclusive warranty

One of our strongest differentiators is our ability to deliver peace-of-mind and total comfort.

  • "Our warranty may be the most important part of your new comfort system."
  • "I don't know anyone who offers the level of protection that we do."

Service Club Memberships 

 We are there for you night or day, long into the future.

  • "Not only will we be there to maintain your comfort, in the unlikely event there is ever a problem you'll receive ‘front-of-the-line’ service."

Affordable ownership with financing

 A bargain isn't what you pay -- it’s what you receive.

  • "When you consider the potential energy savings, you can own your complete comfort system for less than a cup of gourmet coffee per day — and if energy costs go up, your investment gets better."

Our Comfort Consult

Our desire is to build long term relationships.  Our consultant will listen, understand, and appreciate your concerns which will allow a system design customized to your home.

Easy to reach

The Guaranteed Comfort Consult will invest the time necessary to meet your needs.

  • "Please feel free to call my cell phone night or day."


  • “After the job is completed, I'll return to make sure we've met or exceeded every one of your expectations.”



Our personal commitment

  • "Our job is to take the worries off your shoulders and put them on ours. With your okay, we’ll take care of everything."

My reputation is all I have as a professional in the heating and air conditioning business.  Therefore, my commitment to hiring the right people, providing the best training along with developing procedures and systems for all our team to understand and follow assures me I will keep my reputation with a consist output in the quality of our work.   Our team will always strive to do our best and if a mistake is made I pledge to you it will be corrected promptly at no cost to you.                                                             

               Butch Conway

         President, Guaranteed Comfort 




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